Martha Stewart Weddings: Nautical Etsy Collection {0}

We are so thrilled and honored to have our rope mats featured in this Nautical Weddings Guide by Martha Stewart Weddings on Etsy. Click through to see the whole collection, including more fun rope stuff from other Etsy sellers:

The Landlocked Sailor on the Etsy Blog {0}

We are still so excited about having been featured on the Etsy Blog yesterday along with several other nautical shops!

Summer Sale: Last Chance! {0}

This is the last weekend for our Summer Sale. All of our rope items are 25% off, but only through Sunday June 30th!

Rope Towel Holders on Sale in The Landlocked Sailor's Etsy Store

Rope Towel Holders on Sale in The Landlocked Sailor’s Etsy Store

The “Boy on a Mission” Toddler Backpack {0}

A week from Tuesday we’ll be taking a train to Santa Barbara, a plane to Seattle, and then a car to Lynnwood, WA. (yay) It’s going to be a long day. Since we’re not checking any bags, we’re doing some minimalist packing. This basically means that everything BabyJ & I need, including his travel diapers, will be stuffed into my backpack. (Dad can fend for himself.) I thought the easiest way to keep BabyJ’s books, toys, snacks and things from getting lost in the shuffle (read: lost in my overstuffed backpack) would be to give him his own bag–but there’s no way he’s going to carry one around all day. So, I started searching for a toddler backpack, which he can carry with no fuss, and which can easily clip onto one of our bags when he’s not wearing it.

First things first: the bones and muscle structures of very young children are still developing, and they shouldn’t be bearing more than their own weight. I know that 1) we will be carrying this backpack 90% of the time, 2) a soft book, a toy or two, and some mashed fruit don’t weigh much anyway, and 3) the point is for us to be organized and for him to recognize that he has his own place for his own things, not to turn him into a pack mule.

The backpacks I found at EcoBambino in downtown San Luis Obispo were ADORABLE! But, they were for age 3+ and I didn’t think that he’d be able to work the zippers reliably. So, in addition to being a little bit too big for him, they would probably frustrate him.

I started searching for patterns for toddler backpacks, and the simplest ones had drawstring closures, which I didn’t like. Finally, I found this pattern on the Indietutes blog, and I love it! It’s just a simple fold-over closure, but I think I’ll add some Velcro to keep things from tumbling out.

A toddler scooting around wearing a backpack, but no pants.

This boy is on a mission.

I put it on the boy, and he just took off around the house and continued to play. Backpack? Check. Pants? Who needs ‘em?

The fabric I used is Dacron (Polyester), and while I usually prefer natural fibers, I have a soft spot in my heart for Dacron since sails are made out of it. This particular Dacron I purchased for about $5 a yard on clearance, for another project related to this trip. (More on that later.) I cut it in half right down the length of all four yards, and then realized that four yards were not enough for what I wanted to do. Too late! Now I have eight yards of 30″ wide fabric, which is basically useless for garments (adult-sized garments, anyway), so… it looks like I’ll be making several more orange toddler backpacks. Know any little people in need of adorable backpacks?

~Sarita Li

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Works in Progress: June 2012 {0}

We have been working on all sorts of things around here lately, including the ever popular towel rings:

The Landlocked Sailor's Nautical Towel Rings, in Progress

The Landlocked Sailor's Nautical Towel Rings, in Progress


New scrapbooks and journals:

Handmade scrapbook journals with nautical accents

Handmade scrapbook journals with nautical accents

Fabric Flowers:

Navy Blue and White Striped Nautical Fabric Flower with Red Sailboat Button

Navy Blue and White Striped Nautical Fabric Flower with Red Sailboat Button

And, of course, playing in the dirt:

Playing in the Dirt at the Avocado Farm near Morro Bay

Playing in the Dirt at the Avocado Farm near Morro Bay


What have you been up to lately?

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Tiny Ocean Mat {2}

Tiny Ocean Mat, originally uploaded by LandlockedSailr.

The Bosun made this tiny Ocean Mat the other day. He intended it as a mock-up of the larger mats he’s making for household use, but I can’t get over its adorableness!


I think it would be great as a door mat on a doll house or on the miniature Westport, WA Maritime Museum. I could also add it to a headband or hair clip, or use it to embellish a handbag.


What do you think? What would you use this tiny sailor art for?


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